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"90% of the quality of a giclée is derived from the capture process. Compromising this essential first step is the single biggest mistake most artists make trying to replicate art."
~ Gary Kerr, Master Printmaker
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Rival Your Original...

B a t o vOil paintings in particular have structure and depth to the paint surface. If not lit and digitized properly, there is little chance the reproduction will resemble the original artwork—brush strokes and all. In fact, most reproductions of oil paintings are flat and lifeless because they are difficult to light properly—but not our reproductions. That's due to the skill and care we put into the capture process and the advanced art printing systems we employ.

This level of detail and texture cannot be done with desktop scanners or other consumer digitizing equipment. And, don't think asymmetrical lighting techniques of this caliber are an industry norm—you won't find it everywhere. Every client that ships or brings their art to our studio is rewarded with these unparalleled results.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

What Makes Our High Resolution Art Capture So Advanced?

  • Museum caliber 4x5 large format 216 megapixel art capture system
  • Interpretive surface lighting for texture and brushstroke detail
  • Precise art alignment system for perfect focus and sharpness
  • Uniform illumination across the entire art surface
  • Custom profiling and calibration ensures highly accurate color
  • Master 16-bit RGB/TIF art capture file on an archive DVD

Superior Image Quality

At the heart of our digital photography studio is an ultra high resolution 216 mega pixel 4x5 digital camera back. Considered by museums to be the finest technology available for photographing rare and priceless works of art, it's mated to an impressive custom art capture system resulting in a no-compromise digital capture of your artwork. Our museum-approved lighting will not subject your artwork to undue heat or UV rays, that is because we have built our studio around fine art reproduction — not general photography services. Getting it right takes time and effort, but that is how we earned our reputation.

The Wrong Way—
Photograph or scan your art, then send the file out for printing—it will disappoint.

The Right Way—
Send your original art to our studio where we will digitally capture, and color match it for museum-caliber results.

Don't Let This Happen To Your Art Capture/Scans:

  • Never capture art through glass!
  • Never capture art while in a frame!
  • Never capture art with "side-lighting!"
  • Never capture art with DSLR camera gear!
  • Never capture art with consumer scanners!
  • Never buy art capture services on just price!

Original Art Capture Requires Large Format Imaging

We offer a 216 Mega pixel Digital Capture (up to 309MB/16-bit) resulting in a no-compromise, preservation-quality capture of your art. We utilize an interpretive lighting technique to ensure the highest quality reproduction. This is the best option to ensure the highest quality digitization of your art, especially suitable for giclée printmaking.

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